Concrete flooring


Concrete flooring No. 755 national standards that components properly compacted concrete product, shape and geometric properties and has been shown to have a uniform thickness. Cement, and water Sngndanh specified percentage of the national standards defined in the concrete flooring materials are formed.

This product in both the front (face) and the floor (main) has been made. The more coarse aggregate is used.

Compressive Strength of character is required in quality control traffic flooring. However, in Regulation 755 of the compressive strength test is not performed directly on the floor but the traffic regulations around the world for flooring is recommended for at least 40 Mpa resistance




The use of flooring

  • Floor pavement systems and anti-frustration
  • Industrial and Decorative Flooring
  • Where levels are under severe wear
  • Parking and storage and harbors
  • Of streets, sidewalks and intersections
  • Floor area of the exterior stairs
  • Approach ramps, slopes and curves
  • Floor warning and speed of cross-border roads Vatvba and procedures of the toll stations
  • Procedures area of refinery and filling stations



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