Usability of curbstones

Separation of traffic routes

Physically separating the track or appearance

Embedded drains or create atmospheric water

Green space separating the path of traffic

 Technical Specifications 12*30*50

Trade name:  aptus curbstone

Weight : 37 kg ±1kg 

Nominal dimensions :12*30*50

Linear shrinkage :  0/025

Production method : Dry Press /horizontal Format

The maximum water absorption : 5% by weight

The minimum bending strength : 5 Mpa 


Abrasion resistance : 20 mm maximum length of rubbing each sample

Resistance to melting and ice : 50 Cycle

 Technical Specifications 15*50*50

Trade name:  aptus curbstone

Weight :  kg ±1kg82

 Nominal dimensions : 15 *50*50

Linear shrinkage :  Up to 0.25 mm

Production method  : wet press

The maximum water absorption : Up to 5% by weight

The minimum bending strength : 5 Mpa 

The minimum compressive strength of the core decision: 30Mpa

Abrasion resistance: up to 20 mm

Melting and freezing resistance: 50 cycles



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