In today's business world and a competitive market, customer satisfaction and the development of its newest marketing approach is the approach that a comprehensive strategy for the management, guidance, business development organizations in the world suggests that all measures and organizational activities based on customer demand and the need to define and implement.

Thus, under section 1-2-8 standard ISO 9001: 2008 management system integrated company "aptus Iran" to meet the demands and requirements of our customers will be periodically monitored and measured. Customer satisfaction measurement process is organized and run by analyzing the data from the survey, the index as a highly efficient and effective means to achieve success mined. Ptvs principle of customer-oriented company into a comprehensive strategic approach to guide the development of economic activity is emphasized that in the context of customer relationship management (CRM), planned and implemented. Reports and analytical results of this process will help to understand the market, policy development, strategic sales plan is properly ... the rights of consumers in Wales certificate 92, CSM certification or customer satisfaction management system (ISO 10002 : 2004) In the future, this area is being pursued

Chart shows the index of satisfaction in 1391 is facing.


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Aptus building of Unit 3
 No. 181 Derakhti Street
Mehrvila , karaj
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The second street east (Shariati)
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